Hi, I’m Penny and welcome to Frugally Me.

I am not really one for jumping onto bandwagons, but I do want to live more frugally. This means saving money where I can and doing the most I can with less.

This becomes even more important now in 2023, as we all keep heading towards financial hardship.

Along with that, I want a more sustainable lifestyle. Now I am not a hardliner who will be giving up flying and going on overseas holidays.

overseas holidays

I am just someone who wants to incorporate small changes into her lifestyle, that will be better for our planet and environment.

This will include making more sustainable choices when buying new products but also saving money by reusing, retasking or redesigning.

Central to that is certainly growing my own fruit and veg. Whilst this is not always cheap, I think all the benefits add up. Certainly better taste, less toxins, definitely less miles. Plus it can be an enjoyable and healthy hobby. Everyone feels better when they’re messing about in the dirt!

growing my own fruit and veg

Hopefully, you will join me on this journey, and add your ideas to the mix. I am not a hard-line prepper or anything, but I think we would all be better by being a little more prepared. The last few years have been hard, and sadly it looks like this year will be no exception. Planning, preparing and thinking about problems can often help you feel better. It seems to take away the feeling of helplessness and gives you a better hold on your own destiny.

So, without lots of doom and gloom let’s try and help each other to live better, more frugal, and less wasteful materialistic lives!

live better

I am in the UK and many of my ideas and finds will be UK based. However, some will also be global so we can share some international thinking.