What Are The Benefits of Container Gardening?

If you are new to gardening then now is the time to take the plunge. If you are wondering how to start, there are many benefits of container gardening. Especially if you are new to the hobby.

If you have always had an interest in plants or growing your own herbs and vegetables, container gardening is a hobby that you will enjoy. Many hours will be pleasantly spent immersed in your gardening activities and your efforts will literally bear fruit, if you’re growing fruit such as strawberries or raspberries.

What If I Don’t Have a Green Thumb?

Are you worried about the sheer effort of keeping plants alive? Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to have a “green thumb” to be successful at container gardening.

Benefits of container gardening green thumb

It’s pretty straightforward and as long as you plan well and follow the right steps, you definitely can have plants that you will be proud of.

You Can Eat What You Grow Even From a Container

Container gardening is a very beneficial activity. You can even grow your own vegetables and it is highly satisfying to grow your own food. You will derive some pride from it and this is definitely something that more people should pick up.

With the prevalence of GMO crops and vegetables, etc. nothing quite beats the freshness and quality of growing your own produce. And you know that it hasn’t travelled miles to your plate.

Container Gardening is More Convenient Than Traditional Gardening

The good news is that container gardening is very convenient and a lot less taxing than traditional gardening. You will not have to spend hours plucking weeds or hoeing. Even people who would have difficulty walking, moving or bending can do container gardening. As long as the plants are easily accessible to them. You can’t achieve this easily with traditional gardening.

If your back and knees are weak or if you are wheelchair-bound but you love gardening, do not despair. Container gardening is your answer. In fact, thousands of elderly people actually do grow plants and vegetables very successfully with container gardening. Their love for gardening has just found a new avenue for expression.

Introduce Children to Container Gardening

Container gardening is also an excellent way to get children interested in plants and gardening. While traditional gardening is tiring and requires a lot more work, container gardening is pretty easy.

Benefits of container gardening children gardening

All they will need to do is plant the seeds, water the soil a little and place the pot in a cosy corner. The children will not get bored, lose interest or sulk at having to pluck weeds or do the other chores that accompany traditional gardening.

Many people have early memories of growing cress on wet paper or planting a sunflower in a plastic cup. Rather than relying on the school, why don’t you create early memories with your children? If you have more than one child make it competitive. The tallest sunflower is always a winner.

Being Able to Move Your Containers is a Big Benefit

The major advantage of container gardening is the ability to move your containers around as and when you see fit. If the weather doesn’t look good, you can always move your plants indoors or into the garage where they will be sheltered from the harsh elements. If your plants are withering due to overexposure to the sun, all you’ll need to do is move them to the shade. This scenario works well in reverse too.

Initially, you may start growing the plants indoors when they are young seedlings and require more care. As they mature, you can move them to a suitable location outdoors where they will flourish. If your plant grows too big for its pot, you can always get a bigger pot and transfer the plant to the larger pot.

Smaller Scale Gardening is Easier

Since container gardening is usually done on a smaller scale than traditional gardening, everything becomes easier. One example would be fertilizing plants. Since the pot is a confined area, the fertilizer will not get lost or dispersed widely. The plants will be able to absorb most of the nutrients in the fertilizer and will thrive. So the fact that everything is scaled down is a great plus for the container gardener. You can find more information about how to do container gardening elsewhere on this site.

Gardening For Those Without a Garden

Obviously one of the major benefits of container gardening, is that you don’t actually need a garden. If you live in an apartment, your space will be restricted and you may not have access to a garden.

Benefits of container gardening no garden

In cases like this, container gardening is perfect for you to enjoy your love of gardening even if you do not have a yard or big garden. A few container plants next to your windowsill in the kitchen will really perk up the place.

As you can see, there are many excellent reasons why you should give container gardening a try. Start small and experience the joy of gardening. You will never look back.

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    • Thank you. Yes containers are great and much easier than digging beds. It is amazing the things that you can grow in containers that you probably thought could only be grown in a garden. They also add great features to a garden.


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