Do You Have Garden Envy?

Currently, I have a severe case of garden envy. I don’t know about you, but I seem to be blessed with a lot of friends who have beautiful and whimsical gardens.

This means that I either need to get new friends or vamp up my garden. Let’s try option B first.

A Garden is a Blessing

Now I do realise that I am lucky to have a garden at all. Many people have been stuck at home for months, without a blade of grass to call their own.

Having your own garden, however small, really is a blessing. And I have appreciated it massively these last few months.

Having a Garden as a Place to Sit Out

I have a garden and I do some gardening. However, I rarely sit out in it. Mainly because, as I live in the UK, it is normally raining. Or constantly raining.

We did, surprisingly, have some nice weather in the last few days (but constant rain ever since!) and I found myself sitting out quite a bit.

And I really started to appreciate the garden as more than just a place to throw the ball for Poppy.

Festival Vibe Caused My Garden Envy

I normally go to a festival in May and many of my friends decided to recreate the festival in their own garden last year to compensate for its absence. This is when I came down with a severe case of garden envy.

So many people have such magical gardens with a real indoor/outdoor vibe. And I decided that was what I need in my life.

Your Garden as an Extra Room

So I now have the task of transforming my traditional lawn and path garden, into an extra outside room.

Something like this, which I love.

And I really love the fact that this could be inside or outside. With the addition of the lights, you know this is going to be somewhere you will love to sit out during a summer’s evening.

The wood and wicker give it a neutral feel and there is just enough of a splash of colour without detracting from the garden and the plants.

I found these lights which will look great in the garden. Plus they are solar powered so that is a bonus.

Now I do think I would stick with the idea of the wooden steamer chairs. They do give a more tropical vibe I think.

And as my garden isn’t as nice (yet!) I think I would need to add a bit of interest with the cushion covers.

This colour would brighten up the area around the seating area.

And then to finish it off with this lovely blue lantern.

I do love this look and it really gives me something to aim for. I am going to crush my feelings of garden envy and start creating my own lovely extra room outside. Although I may need a bigger umbrella.

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