What Are the Best Essential Oil Accessories?

If you are looking to get more use out of your essential oils, there are some great essential oil accessories that let you use the oils in a variety of different ways.

Once you start using essential oils, you will want to expand their uses. Here are some of my best essential oil accessories.

Why Should You Use Essential Oil Accessories?

By themselves, essential oils are great and have a variety of uses. However, by using different accessories, you can get a variety of different uses out of your favourite oils.
Some of the accessories that we will look at include bottles, diffusers and travel items.

Essential Oil Accessories for the Home

Here are some of my favourite accessories to use around the home. Note that you don’t need them all – some are an either / or. For example, you may not want to buy both a diffuser and a burner. Although I have both. In different rooms though!

Essential Oil Diffuser

If you love to smell your essential oils around your home, then an essential oil diffuser is a great accessory to have.

It is really worth shopping around if you are after a diffuser as many of them come with some great options.

One of my favourites is this Aromatherapy Diffuser as it is also a humidifier plus it has LED lights too.

If the idea of the lights is a bit off-putting, these can be switched off.

This would be perfect for a bedroom as you will get the fragrance combined with the slightly humid atmosphere.

All this plus it looks really nice too!

Essential Oil Burner

You may find that diffusers are slightly out of your price range, as they can be quite expensive. In this case, take a look at essential oil burners.

These are a slightly cheaper way of getting your essential oil aroma dispersed around the house as they are usually cheaper than the Diffusers.

I really like these and have both a ceramic oil burner and a glass burner at home.

Aromatherapy burners come in a multitude of shapes, sizes and styles so the hard part is finding the one you like best!

Travel Accessories

There is no need for you to leave your essential oils home alone when you are on your travels. There are some great essential oil travel accessories that allow you to take your personal piece of calm across the world.

Glass Roller Bottles

Glass Roller Bottles are a really great idea to take your favourite essential oil blends away with you. Of course they don’t have to be roller bottles you can buy any small travel bottles that are suitable for the job.

However, I like the idea of the roller bottles as you get the added massage sensation. And these do look really pretty too.

Essential Oil Carry Case

A carry case is an excellent idea for giving your essential oils that little bit more protection when away from home.

I personally don’t like to take too many bottles away with me so I am looking for a smaller size bag like the one shown above.

Portable Diffuser

I don’t actually have one of these (yet!) but a portable diffuser for your essential oils sounds like a really useful travel accessory. Especially if you are used to having one at home.

Think about how portable you want your new diffuser to be before you buy. Some do require mains power but are still small enough to travel. Others are battery-powered or recharged through USB.

Some of the Best Essential Oil Accessories

Once you start using essential oils, you will want to expand on the things that you do with them. These essential oil accessories are great for that and really help you to get more out of your favourite essential oils.

There are so many things you can do with essential oils, and benefits from using them, that it seems a shame not to embrace them fully.

Find out more about essential oils.

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  1. As I mentioned in one of my blog posts on this subject matter, I am currently using EOs in small roller bottles. Indeed, they are portable and great for travel. But I would also love to have a diffuser. Perhaps, one of these days. *crossing my fingers*


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